Sexy in Silk

The further that this trend goes the more and more I absolutely love everything about it! I am definitely one who pushes limits on scandalous attire, which is probably the main reason why I love this trend so much. I love the way the silk attaches to the skin and gives a subtle shine. Also, who doesn’t like stepping out into the world with their PJ’s still on?

My boyfriend and I try to travel to different places in Los Angeles as much as we can. Since we are on completely opposite times with our jobs (he is 9-5pm and I am in the restaurant industry) we only have Mondays together. This monday we choose to hit up Long Beach and check out the Port of Long Beach (which if you haven’t done so I highly recommend it from the sunset). I choose to wear a olive green slip from Urban Outfitters that has a tiny little lace around the top bust area, the top on the slip has tiny little straps which enhances the collarbone and chest. I paired it with a black mini skirt with gold zippers for pockets that I got from Zara. I just got this new silky silver/white trench from Nasty Gal in December and I absolutely love to wear it on a night out. It brightens up the dark colors underneath without making too much of a statement but bold enough to make people turn their heads.Basically, i’m obsessed. For footwear I wore just basic black shiny pumps from Nasty Gal so that the skin on the foot is still showing, I love showing ankle, i’ve always thought it is sexy and sleek. With my jewelry I wore my Aunt’s vintage yellow gold choker that has a white stone pendant in the middle (bringing in color from the silky trench). On my ears I was wearing the Conch Cuff from Loren Stewart and their disk door knocker earrings.

Thanks for joining in! Would love to hear your comments!



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