How to find your perfect Maxi Dress

Recently I have been helping my older sister find a couple different looks for her engagement photos. While shopping online can be brutally frustrating with the different sizing, price points, and material here are a few of my go to summer dress sites!


Asos: Kind of the style of edgy meets girl next door, they have a big range of items and styles.


Boohoo: Boohoo reminds me of a sorority sister shop, the style is a tad funky but I usually look at their short dresses with the simple prints, good price point as well.


Missguided: If you are looking for the perfect bridesmaid dress or maxi to wear to an event Missguided is perfect for you!


Lulus: As most of us know this is where we are shop for our go to dresses, although their dresses are amazing I often shop their sale section for my Maxi’s due to the crazy high prices I can find some real gems in the sale category.


Fashion Union: Similar styles to Zara just with half the price! Different designs with a vintage sort of style feel. Great price point!

Fashion Union

C/MEO: Edgy with a girly aspect, they are not afraid to throw in an extra ruffle or two but they also have other option for a more minimalistic style as well.


I hope this post helps you find your perfect Maxi for the Spring and Summer! Comment a pic of you wearing your new maxi! I am always down for feed back!

xoxo, until next time 🙂

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