My first experience at Coachella

Hello lovelies! So as you can probably guess this post is about me going to Coachella. So what? Right? who cares… I am right there with you! I am not one who enjoys going camping, I don’t really go to concerts and I for sure am not about to spend $800 on a ticket for three days in the dessert. So with that all being said…

I got offered to work a food truck that will be one of the venders at the VIP food area. Apparently this company went last year, they were in the general admissions area and were not too happy with the outcome. They saw much more action and guests purchasing food in the VIP area. This year they decided to try it one more time and have a VIP vender pass instead.

I got offered by my boyfriend who previously worked with the partner of the food truck. With it being my birthday weekend and how excited my boyfriend was to go I felt very obligated to give it a shot. The perks are I will be getting paid, I can enjoy some music while working, it’s an experience and they were paying for lodging. Seems pretty decent I think? Now that Coachella is a day away I am starting to question my decision. I have never been the greatest at making quick friends. I will be having to share the RV (lodging) with 5 other people. People who I don’t know! Literally I don’t even know their names! Also, what if I don’t like it? What if all I want to go is go home and lay in my own bed with my puppy? What happens if I have to take a dump?! I for sure as hell am not doing it on a tiny RV bathroom with 5 strangers who I don’t know! What if I can’t sleep? I have always had a problem with falling asleep and I especially have a hard time if it’s not my own bed or a comfortable place that I am used to.

With all these worries running through my head of course as you can assume I have serious anxiety. My boyfriend is so excited and I don’t want to ruin the trip for him so I am going to try and keep the positive vibes and be as optimistic as possible. I will keep you all updated as I am very excited to build some content on the free time that we will have after our 6 hour shift. If you have any advice at all please comment below! I would love to hear your thoughts or experiences if you’ve ever felt anxious about a trip with strangers.


I will keep you updated!


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