My Paleo Cure

I began the Paleo lifestyle about 2 years ago, 6 months prior I had long hair extensions (attached photos below), after taking my extensions out and not even recognizing the face in front of me sitting in the salon chair I broke into tears. My hair was completely gone! I couldn’t even use a thin hair tie to tie my hair up because the band width was larger that the amount of hair is was holding back. This was when a single bobby pin was the only thing that would hair my stringy straw size pony tail. After pulling my hair back, twisting it into a low bun and keeping my head down because all confidence was gone I decided I needed to either get a wig, cut my hair off completely, or go back to extensions. My roommate and I decided to take our puppies for a hike at Runyon Canyon, on our way back while sitting in the treacherous LA traffic she began to pressure me to go into a salon and ask a hairdressers opinion on what I should do. While traveling on Sunset blvd. we see a little hair salon Novak in the corner. She pulls over and walks with all confidence into the salon, thankfully I loved the decor unless I wouldn’t of even gone inside. She marched right up to the receptionist desk and asks for a hairstylist who does short cuts for women. At this time the stylist jokingly laughed at the fact I kept my little rat tail on my head for so long. She asked about my diet and health and I began to tell her I don’t like the taste of water and my diet contains pop, candy and cheeseburgers. The stylist giggled and booked me an appointment 3 days from then. While I was contemplating my decision to chop off my hair I had to consult with a few female coworkers first. I began speaking about how my hair has always been very thin and my skin has always been horrible. My coworker Sylvie started asking me if I was on birth control, in which I responded with yes ever since I was 14 I have been on the pill. She starts to tell me her hair and skin was the same way and ever since she started her journey of paleo living that her hair and skin had never been better. Since she had such good luck with it I thought what do I have to lose? I picked up the book Paleo cure and stopped my birth control.

Three days later I walked into my hair appointment with anticipation. Karen, my hairdresser, took down my hair (by removing a single bobby pin) and picked up my rat tail and asked “can I get rid of this thing now” I nod my head and snip, it’s gone. After 30 mins of me seeing my hair get shorter and shorter I start to have doubts ‘oh my god my hair is gone, was this the right choice?’ ‘what if I look like a boy?’ ‘what if my face looks too large and I can’t pull the short hair off?’. After Karen takes off the smock I instantly smile. It was a major change, I couldn’t believe how instantly I felt so empowered. I felt as though I could rule the word and finally got my confidence back.

Speed up to a 4 months later I was fully Paleo and felt better than ever. Not only did I love my haircut but my body was happy. I woke up feeling great every morning, not needing a cup of coffee to start my day. My skin finally looked decent (aside from the acne scarring) I felt comfortable to walk out of my house without makeup on my face. After living with the short hair for 4 months I walked into my next appointment with Karen bolder than ever. I asked “can we go shorter?” She was shocked by my response but my hair was growing in thicker and faster than it ever had. As women we have such a connection with our hair, it’s not just hair. It’s like a safe blanket that we have always used to brighten our confidence. After becoming Paleo and chopping off all my hair, I had a different connection to hair in general. It was just HAIR! There was no emotional connection to it plus the confidence that if I didn’t like my certain haircut it would just grow back, it was no big deal.

Moral of the story…change is scary as hell! It has now been 2 years of me living with a Paleo lifestyle. I say lifestyle because I don’t see an end to being Paleo, I have figured out so much about my own body that if I go off track for a week my body by all means does not hold back to let me know. My Paleo diet might be completely different than yours. Ever since I detoxed my body in the first month I noticed that my body can not handle gluten, I can however handle natural sugar in small doses. Yes, sometimes I still enjoy a nice burger with a real brioche bun but it is in moderation. In the end our bodies are extremely smart, they tells us what they like and don’t like. It doesn’t make sense to me that the exact same diet can affect everyone the same way. Who knows Paleo might not be for you, or maybe you feel as amazing as I did! Give it a try! Tell me about your experience!


If you have any questions feel free to reach out! I’d love to answer them. Cheers!