My first experience at Coachella

Hello lovelies! So as you can probably guess this post is about me going to Coachella. So what? Right? who cares… I am right there with you! I am not one who enjoys going camping, I don’t really go to concerts and I for sure am not about to spend $800 on a ticket for three days in the dessert. So with that all being said…

I got offered to work a food truck that will be one of the venders at the VIP food area. Apparently this company went last year, they were in the general admissions area and were not too happy with the outcome. They saw much more action and guests purchasing food in the VIP area. This year they decided to try it one more time and have a VIP vender pass instead.

I got offered by my boyfriend who previously worked with the partner of the food truck. With it being my birthday weekend and how excited my boyfriend was to go I felt very obligated to give it a shot. The perks are I will be getting paid, I can enjoy some music while working, it’s an experience and they were paying for lodging. Seems pretty decent I think? Now that Coachella is a day away I am starting to question my decision. I have never been the greatest at making quick friends. I will be having to share the RV (lodging) with 5 other people. People who I don’t know! Literally I don’t even know their names! Also, what if I don’t like it? What if all I want to go is go home and lay in my own bed with my puppy? What happens if I have to take a dump?! I for sure as hell am not doing it on a tiny RV bathroom with 5 strangers who I don’t know! What if I can’t sleep? I have always had a problem with falling asleep and I especially have a hard time if it’s not my own bed or a comfortable place that I am used to.

With all these worries running through my head of course as you can assume I have serious anxiety. My boyfriend is so excited and I don’t want to ruin the trip for him so I am going to try and keep the positive vibes and be as optimistic as possible. I will keep you all updated as I am very excited to build some content on the free time that we will have after our 6 hour shift. If you have any advice at all please comment below! I would love to hear your thoughts or experiences if you’ve ever felt anxious about a trip with strangers.


I will keep you updated!


How to find your perfect Maxi Dress

Recently I have been helping my older sister find a couple different looks for her engagement photos. While shopping online can be brutally frustrating with the different sizing, price points, and material here are a few of my go to summer dress sites!


Asos: Kind of the style of edgy meets girl next door, they have a big range of items and styles.


Boohoo: Boohoo reminds me of a sorority sister shop, the style is a tad funky but I usually look at their short dresses with the simple prints, good price point as well.


Missguided: If you are looking for the perfect bridesmaid dress or maxi to wear to an event Missguided is perfect for you!


Lulus: As most of us know this is where we are shop for our go to dresses, although their dresses are amazing I often shop their sale section for my Maxi’s due to the crazy high prices I can find some real gems in the sale category.


Fashion Union: Similar styles to Zara just with half the price! Different designs with a vintage sort of style feel. Great price point!

Fashion Union

C/MEO: Edgy with a girly aspect, they are not afraid to throw in an extra ruffle or two but they also have other option for a more minimalistic style as well.


I hope this post helps you find your perfect Maxi for the Spring and Summer! Comment a pic of you wearing your new maxi! I am always down for feed back!

xoxo, until next time 🙂

Swimwear is on its way!

It is almost my favorite time of year!! Swimsuit season!! I know, I know it’s a little cliche, however it’s not all about prancing around in a two piece bikini, it’s about embracing your body as is and enjoying the sand in your toes, sunkissed skin (always use SPF) and ocean waves!

Not only is swimsuit season the greatest but with this comes daylight savings…which means longer days and more natural sunlight! I am going to share a few links of some of my most anticipated swimwear trends this seasons! Yay! So excited!!!

So, I don’t usually spend too much on my swimwear because it is more than likely going to be out of season next year, not fit, or be dull from the sunlight. Also, I can’t grasp my head around spending $300 plus on a bikini that is wayyyyyy less fabric than my premium denim hand washed designer flared jeans (insert rolling eye emoji here).

With swimwear…means sunlight, protection is always my number one, some of my favorite summer products are Balibody and the Rose Hibiscus coconut hydrating face mist!

Here are a few:

Sexy in Silk

The further that this trend goes the more and more I absolutely love everything about it! I am definitely one who pushes limits on scandalous attire, which is probably the main reason why I love this trend so much. I love the way the silk attaches to the skin and gives a subtle shine. Also, who doesn’t like stepping out into the world with their PJ’s still on?

My boyfriend and I try to travel to different places in Los Angeles as much as we can. Since we are on completely opposite times with our jobs (he is 9-5pm and I am in the restaurant industry) we only have Mondays together. This monday we choose to hit up Long Beach and check out the Port of Long Beach (which if you haven’t done so I highly recommend it from the sunset). I choose to wear a olive green slip from Urban Outfitters that has a tiny little lace around the top bust area, the top on the slip has tiny little straps which enhances the collarbone and chest. I paired it with a black mini skirt with gold zippers for pockets that I got from Zara. I just got this new silky silver/white trench from Nasty Gal in December and I absolutely love to wear it on a night out. It brightens up the dark colors underneath without making too much of a statement but bold enough to make people turn their heads.Basically, i’m obsessed. For footwear I wore just basic black shiny pumps from Nasty Gal so that the skin on the foot is still showing, I love showing ankle, i’ve always thought it is sexy and sleek. With my jewelry I wore my Aunt’s vintage yellow gold choker that has a white stone pendant in the middle (bringing in color from the silky trench). On my ears I was wearing the Conch Cuff from Loren Stewart and their disk door knocker earrings.

Thanks for joining in! Would love to hear your comments!



The Journey Begins!

Hello everyone! First of all, thank you for joining me on this journey and I can’t wait to share some Streetstyle, sex tips, and journeys. I guess I should start by telling you a bit about my story.

I moved to Los Angeles from Ohio at the age of 17 with $500 in my pocket (being a naive teenager thinking $500 was enough to move to L.A). I began school at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I was in student housing for the first semester while quickly figuring out that I was nothing like these girls and guys whom I was taking classes with. By this I mean I was by no means paying $6.00 for a Starbucks coffee every morning and pulling into a $20 parking lot in my G wagon Mercedes each time I had class. It took awhile for me to figure out myself and place. Unlike most of the students that I was going to school with I took school extremely seriously and put my all in every project and paper. I ended up graduating 2 years later with a degree in Visual Communications.

I later got into a few assistant positions with a few well known stylists out here. While the stereotypical “coffee runs” and “picking up dry cleaning” were a blast I quit the game of “assisting” and ventured out to my own projects. I have styled a few projects on my own yet, haven’t made too much of a mark yet. I then thought that what a better way to showcase my style and style tips by starting a blog! Well, here I am. I am extremely open to any comments, questions so please do not hesitate to ask me anything!